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My programming journey began in sixth grade with QBasic, writing text adventures and guitar tuners.

In the late 1990s I started dabbling in PHP and C++, creating what was surely the first content management system ever (in my home town).

In the early 2000s I started writing C# and peaked early with my most popular publication to date.

Circa 2012 I got a copy of The Little Schemer and decided I must become a functional programmer. Since then I’ve been writing F# and Clojure and loving every minute of it!

My professional work has involved areas such as print, journalism, data mining and classification, finance, online grocery, and e-commerce.

I live in Chicago, IL and like to play music (guitar, piano, drums, vuvuzela), listen to music, see live music, take pictures, eat delicious food, drink delicious midwestern beer, and contribute to open-source software whenever possible.